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Study in the Netherlands

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

The Netherlands has the widest variety of english language undergrad and masters degree in continental europe (over 2000 programs), it's low cost and has a large international community.

A great visit to the #Netherlands (Summer 2018) including Leiden #Leiden University, #Utrecht, #Amsterdam, #Delft, #Maastricht and #Hague

The University of Leiden, the oldest institution in the Netherlands costs around $12,000 USD for international students and is a great fit for students considering a variety of liberal arts options. Leiden is often overlooked by tourists so does not have the Amsterdam or Delft crowds. Leiden is the bithplace of Rembrandt and Leiden University educated John Quincy Adams (sixth US President), and many leaders in the Netherlands and Europe. Definitely worth a look for graduate school or undergraduate.

Other recommendations include Utrecht University, considered the best university in the Netherlands (and one of the best in the world) set in the great small feeling vibrant town of Utrecht, a short train ride from Amsterdam. Also check out Maastricht University, a young university that attracts a large international student population (47% of the student body). Maastricht is a wonderful town set close to the Belgian and German border and has a very cosmopolitan youthful feel

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