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Study in Norway

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

#Norway is an undeniably beautiful country with progressive values, friendly people and has free education for Norwegian and international students. The downside is the high cost of living but often with University accommodation, costs can be manageable. Norway is best for Graduate studies as Undergrad is generally taught in Norwegian but there are some interesting summer course options taught in English (costs apply to some of these programs). Check out for an overview.

Oslo does not feel like a capital city, lots of options to get outdoors and lot's of culture close by in the city and others a short boat ride away from downtown Oslo, including the world renowned Viking Ship museum, Folk museum, kon tiki museum and others. I experienced a rare 90 degree day in Oslo (Summer 2018) but generally summers are warm and the fall and spring are cool. Winter is the time to cross country ski and hop in the sauna. If you like the outdoors you will love Norway and it's efficient trains and boats which will get you around most of the country.

The University of Oslo has a variety of Masters programs taught in English. Check out the strong Masters programs programs at the University of Bergen and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU).

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