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Many job seekers use ineffective job search strategies and spend hundreds of hours sending applications into the black hole, growing increasingly frustrated and disillusioned by the search process. If you hire a professional to support your search it could cost anywhere from $600-$1500 or more (assuming 6-10 one hour sessions at an average cost of $100-$150 per hour).


The Career Seeker package has been built to help lower the costs and time associated with a successful job search through a blend of self-paced online learning and individual guidance.

The Career Seeker package includes:

Package available at $299

* Online courses. Preview here



The total cost if bought separately would be $473 but is now being offered at $299. The Career Seeker package has been designed to ensure you are successful in your job search and maximize your time utilizing the right job search strategies. The package is a blend of self-paced online coursework and individualized one on one assistance and guidance for a period of 3 months.

Interested? Purchase the package and Email with your resume and cover letter after the completion of ACE Your Job Search. 

Career Path International has helped thousands of early and mid-career professionals transition to meaningful careers in a variety of business and non- profit settings. I look forward to working with you.

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